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Coupe Mondiale a success

Coupe Mondiale completed and a huge success

Coupe trophies Aug 24_8461 copy
Coupe Mondiale Trophies

The Victoria Accordion Club (VAC) participated in Coupe Mondiale, a major international accordion festival often referred to as the “olympics” of accordion festivals around the world.  This world festival is held each year in a major city around the world, and in 2013 was held right here in Victoria, British Columbia, during August 17 – 25th.  For more details and results of the competition, visit the festival’s website  

The VAC band competed in the “orchestra” section of the festival on Saturday August 17th.  While the band did not win any prizes, it played well and garnered well-deserved accolades for its performance.

VAC Band Coupe Mondiale 2013
Victoria Accordion Club Band/Ensemble in orchestra competition

The category had a number of extremely talented orchestras from Canada and other parts of the world competing.  An exceptional orchestra ensemble from the country of Moldova won the competition.

Moldova Concertino_8425 copy
Concertino Ensemble from Moldova – orchestra competition winner

The Victoria Accordion Club band also played at very well-attended public concerts in Victoria’s Centennial Square, in the centre of the city where City Hall is located.  Each noon-hour, guest accordionists and ensembles performed for the general public.

VAC band Coupe Centennial Square Aug 24_8452 copy
Victoria Accordion Club band performs at public concert at Centennial Square


Coupe Centennial Square
Guest accordionists perform at public noon-hour concerts

On Sunday, August 18th, accordionists from around the world paraded through the heart of downtown Victoria to the delight of large crowds lining the streets.  Hundreds of accordionists played popular tunes, and jammed for pleasure of the audience along the sidewalks.  Accordionists ranging from very young, to very mature, and from beginners to professionals enjoyed playing together as they walked along the crowded streets.  The parade even featured one unique huge long accordion being played by five people!

Coupe parade1 crowd copy

Coupe parade young marchers_8363 copy Coupe Parade-20130818 copy  Coupe Victoria parade march -00014 copy


Coupe parade Jamming -00028 copy
Spontaneous jam sessions during the parade

Coupe parade Victoria VAC jam-00015 copy