**Welcome to the Victoria Accordion Club**



We are based in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.  Our aim is to enjoy the accordion, the music of accordions, and the people who create it.

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Due to the serious health issues in British Columbia, and around the world, with the Coronavirus pandemic, all activities and events involving the Victoria Accordion Club have been suspended until further notice.  

We wish everyone stays safe and healthy in the months ahead.  We will get through this together by following health authority guidelines. 


 Upcoming performances

Our accordion club is not able to gather to perform due to the COVID health guidelines put in place by health authorities.  Instead, we have been preparing some recorded videos for our own enjoyment, and have decided to upload these to our YouTube Channel.   We invite you to check them out, and enjoy the music.


We are also searchable in Youtube using the keywords  “Victoria Accordion Club Band” to find our channel 😊

Join us!


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