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Django & Jazz – May 15, 2015



featuring Cory Pesaturo, World Accordion Champion, and Victoria’s Quinn Bachand, jazz guitar extraordinaire!

Friday, May 15th 


What an evening of world-class gypsy jazz & jazz music featuring Juno Award winning guitarist Oliver Gannon, World Champion in Digital, Acoustic and Jazz Accordion Cory Pesaturo,  Canada’s multi-instrumentalist wunderkind Quinn Bachand and his sizzling hot gypsy jazz ensemble Brishen (nominated for a staggering 5 Canadian Folk Music Awards)!  Such talent — and it truly was an epic night of music!  The musicianship of all on stage was exceptional.  

Django Jazz Pesaturo_3723 Django Jazz_3721

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For more information  contact Adrien Bachanad (250) 812-6888 or email

West Coast Django Victoria

In 2013, young wunderkind guitarist Quinn Bachand was excited about sharing the stage with veteran jazz guitarist Oliver Gannon,  however an injury sidelined Gannon, who at the last minute had to pull away from the show. Now 19, Bachand is looking forward to meeting Gannon and performing with him for what will surely be a magical evening.   Despite their age difference, there are many similarities between Gannon and Bachand, aside from sharing a deep love for jazz, they also share a Berklee College of Music connection, Gannon graduated from Berklee in 1969 while Bachand has just finished his first year at the prestigious Boston college!   The first half of the concert will feature the “jazz” portion of the evening, with Gannon and Bachand,  along with bassist Joey Smith and special guests, performing some of the finest jazz music you’re sure to hear.    The second half will feature Quinn Bachand along with his gypsy jazz ensemble, Brishen, or “bringer of the storm” who were nominated for an astounding five 2014 Canadian Folk Music Awards.   Performing with Brishen for the first time, all the way from Rhode Island, will be Cory Pesaturo.  Pesaturo is a highly sought after performer and the World Champion in Digital, Acoustic and Jazz Accordion .  Bachand  and Pesaturo met in Boston in 2014 and after several jam sessions plotted ways to collaborate.   Like Gannon and Bachand, this will be their first concert together.   With such talent this is guaranteed to be an unforgettable evening of music and our best one yet!


Oliver Gannon (Vancouver)
Juno Award winning guitarist Oliver Gannon, who graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1969,  has been very active in the Canadian jazz scene since the early 1970’s. He has performed at major jazz festivals in Europe and North America,  including three concert tours of the former USSR. Gannon has five stellar recordings to his name and is on over a dozen recordings by some of the world’s greatest jazz players including Fraser MacPherson, Ian McDougall and Ross Taggart.  Gannon currently performers with the following groups: The Oliver Gannon Quartet (with Miles Black, Miles Hill and Blaine Wikjord), The Oliver Gannon and Patty Harvey Quartet (with Al Wold and John Nolan) and The Ian McDougall Sextet.  In 2002 Gannon was elected “Jazz Guitarist of the Year” by Canadian Jazz Awards.

Cory Pesaturo (Rhode Island)
World Digital Accordion Champion (Coupe Mondiale) and World Acoustic Accordion Champion (Primus Ikaalinen) Cory Pesaturo is a graduate of the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, where he was the first musician ever to major and graduate in the accordion. Cory is in fact, the only person to ever win World Championships on Acoustic Accordion, Digital Accordion, and Jazz. Accordion Legend Dick Contino said when Cory was only 15, “Of all the accordionists I’ve seen over the years, Cory is the one to pass the torch to, the only one who has all the tools to bring the accordion back to its former glory.” Pesaturo’s extensive resumé includes appearances at the White House for President and Mrs. Clinton on 4 different occasions.  Cory has performed in 5 different continents, from Italy, to Canada, to New Zealand, to Japan and Tunisia. He is known as both a visionary and an outspoken rebel of the “accordion world”.

Quinn Bachand  (Boston – Victoria)
19-year old Quinn Bachand has proven himself beyond quinn-tessential to Canada’s contribution to the world stage. One half of the symbiotic brother-and-sister talent-trust Qristina and Quinn Bachand, the pair have released 3 genre-busting albums to global acclaim. Quinn’s gyspy-jazz side project, Brishen, has likewise turned heads to this master of musical styles and all things stringed. His adventurous spirit and achievements belie his tender age, indicating an old soul with more years than most to further progress across his inventive musical paths, while reaping in the recognition: including the 2014 Djangofest Award, a 4-year Scholarship to the esteemed Berklee College of Music, not to mention a five Canadian Folk Music Award nominations.

Brishen (Victoria)
“Brishen”, a Romany word for “bringer of the storm”, is exactly what Quinn Bachand and his talented band serve up each time they perform!  Think Django Reinhardt and current players like Biréli Lagrène and Sylvain Luc, as this talented teenager and his fellow Brishen-ers lay waste to Django classics and Hot Club-esque originals alike.   Belying his tender years, Quinn’s seasoned expertise has already earned him the 2014 Saga Djangofest Award, a nomination for “Instrumental Album of the Year” (Western Canada Music Awards), a finalist position as “Emerging Artist” by Canada’s Walk Of Fame, and a Quinn-tessential 5 nominations at Canada’s Folk Music Awards, no less. As if all of this wasn’t enough, the fact that he was offered a 4-year bursary (worth over $250,000) to Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, can only add to honing his significant talents even further.  Quinn and Co. burn and swing their way through Reinhardt covers, freshly-constructed originals and trad tunes in the Hot Club tradition of 1930s Paris, including the twisting of more contemporary numbers. Brishen is 100% pure gypsy soul, conjuring up the smoky bistros of France from a more innocent time before music was amplified and when string bands were all the rage.  Indeed, the wonder of Brishen, as a spirited storm itself, is that it knows no bounds, forever changing the landscape with awe-inspiring effect.

For more information contact Marie Bachand (250) 472-0999 |